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Here’s How To Create An Awesome Stress-Free Children’s Party For Your Special Birthday Person…

A Simple Straight Forward Way For You To Arrange Your Child’s Next Birthday Party To Make It The Stunning Success We Both Want It To Be

James the Magician | Awesome Childrens Parties

Dear Party Arranger,

Your special birthday person, all the guests and any adults that attend will talk about this party for months and remember it for years, your party quickly becomes the talk of the playground and outside the school gate.

“Just a quick note to thank you for your sterling work at Holly’s party last Saturday. The children were completely entranced, and us grownups loved your witty asides! You were the talk of the playground last week (and the pub at the weekend)… Once again, many thanks and best wishes” Andy Foster, West Norwood

When you wish to do something FUN, EXCITING and yet AFFORDABLE giving you total peace of mind that comes with a professionally organised children’s birthday party with virtually no hassle whatsoever, you create wonderful memories for both you and your child



James the Magician | Awesome Childrens Parties

Thank you for my wonderful party Mummy! I love you!


I guess like most parents you wish to give your son or daughter the best party of their young lives… Better than Johnny in the class had last year…complete with fun, novel party games, great party bags and the best, funniest most entertaining magic show you can arrange, let me show you how it can be done without breaking the bank… Let’s make your child the star of the show…magically producing a prize which many parents tell me their child kept as a momento of their special party day. In addition, your birthday child receives a badge and a certificate proving what  a wonderful magician (s)he is to all the young party guests. Picture your child’s face as they magically produce a gorgeous live bunny rabbit at the end of your show.


James the Magician | Awesome Childrens Parties



Just imagine how special your child will feel

You might ask how do you arrange such an event without an honours degree in Event Management?” How much work is needed? Where do you source all the supplies? Where do you start? How do you control 15, 20 or more children? What about the shy ones? How do you avoid a complete disaster? How can you  make it an easy party? How can you be sure you will have a very happy child? These and many other such questions are asked by many of my client’s until they have spoken to me on the phone, then all the problems seem to melt away. I’ve have been doing it for happy and grateful mums and dads for over twenty years. I do almost everything for so you do virtually nothing, you just  supply the food and the birthday cake. Of course we have stacks of ideas to help you even with this, but it’s your party and if it feels right to you then it is right – we only help if you want us to. Everything else we take care of for a very reasonable, easily affordable fee.

Here’s How Your Child’s Wonderful Day Unfolds…

  • Special welcome of the party guests, this is designed to ease away any little bits of shyness, sets the ground rules in a fun way and gets the party off to a good start
  • Organised, novel and different party games complete with music and prizes – nothing for you to do, or provide, other than watching the fun if you wish to
  • All children are involved all the time and everyone is a winner and receives no less than six prizes
  • The Birthday Cake Ceremony – add fun and laughs to this traditional part of your party
  • A wonderful, tummy-hurtingly funny magic show with the cutest live bunny rabbit you have ever seen. All the routines are individually selected so they are just right for your child’s age. Did you know I have been collecting magicial effects since I was eight years old and now have a massive selction to choose from. So that every trick, routine or bit of fun nonsence is perfect for your children.
  • We’ll even supply the party bags stuffed full of quality toys saving you the time, money and effort.

Here’s the Full Story of Your Child’s Awesome Birthday Party…

You have a choice of a number of birthday party packages, so at least one is bound to be right for you. All guaranteed to make your birthday child’s party the most admired event this year and of course complete stress free for you as I do almost everything for you. Your hilarious party is two hours of actioned packed fun which is the accepted time length for all ages. This does not include the 30 minutes of pre-party preparation to ensure that your birthday person is entiely comfortable with me and I have made sure I am properly prepared so everything goes perfectly to plan. This is the time where I can answer any last minute questions you may have and look after any early arrivals. The moment the first guest arrives we are straight into party games and competitions for 45 minutes. All the games are non-elimination type which means that no child is ever out. The first game is designed to bring the children together as a group and to break down any shyness and the last game is designed to send the children off to your meal tables in a slow trickle rather than a big, mad rush.

James the Magician | Awesome Childrens Parties

In between, there are dancing games, sitting down games and competitions all selected from my large repertoire to be just right for your group of children in that place on that day. The children win prizes, lots of prizes and amazingly, by the end, they all appear to have won the same number! How is it done? Many wonder! These prizes are already in pre-prepared party bags (if you wish)  saving you money and time, an expensive job if you are not careful. Party bags are of course given to the children at the end of the party. After the games section, the children enjoy your party meal, I am on hand to help with the children as required. As the meal draws to its conclusion, everyone enjoys the traditional birthday cake ceremony which I will of course organise for you.

James the Magician | Awesome Childrens Parties

After the meal, if required, there is a short ‘comfort break’ before we start the…

Really Funny Magic Show…

Imagine the fun you’ll have watching your children totally engrossed in the magical wonders that unfold before their very eyes. I’ll let you into a little secret… during the games earlier on in your party, I am carefully watching the children and mentally selecting the tricks and routines that would best suit your children. Some children get very excited (thankfully) and I have some things that will calm them a little, other children are more introvert and I have some things that will get them more involved. Of course entertainment is the key and the more laughs I can build into your show the better. I love it when children complain their tummies hurt from laughing!! and the fun and laughter begins within a few seconds of show starting. There is lots of audience participation, it’s great to have children up on stage making the magic happen – it makes them  feel so special, especially when I am the last to see what they have done!! Even better when they do the funny things that makes their friends laugh. For all but the oldest children, various puppets make an appearance and, like Sooty, are very naughty doing things that the children see but, for some reason, I don’t! This is always a very popular part of the show – children love it every time I perform it. Finally, at the end, your special birthday person performs their own special trick, using special magic wands to create their own extra birthday presents. In addition they receive an special badge and certificate welcoming them to membership of my exclusive Magic Club. They feel very important and proud and usually keep these items for years.

The Magic Bunny Is A Major Highlight To Your Magic Show…

The show ends when your birthday child produces a gorgeous live bunny rabbit called Nibbles. This is a very special moment in their young lives, witnessed by all their friends. The party ends with another heartfelt rendering of “Happy Birthday” and everyone who wants to can stroke the bunny. A quick distribution of party bags to the guests as they leave with monster big smiles on their faces all telling their parants about the magic and magic and magic!!!

“That was the BEST day I have ever had in my life!” Alice, 6

James the Magician | Awesome Childrens Parties

“As soon as you arrived we knew you were going to make our 6 year old’s birthday very special. Her “Uncle James” entertained her and her little friends superbly as the ensuing noise proved. What magic fun!” Carolyn Jones, Bickley


When I entertain at your party, your total satisfaction is guaranteed because I simply adore filling children’s hearts with joy and making them laugh. Your children will have the very best time possible at their party and their laughter will be like music to your ears.

You probably remember a wonderful party or that brilliant, funny uncle or teacher from your childhood. Many people have fond memories of the joy they felt when they saw their first magic show. They remember the sheer excitement of sitting down and seeing all the wonderfully mysterious and colourful things laid out on his magic table. What could that possibly be? What will happen next? It was so exciting and many a heart pounded.

I make sure that your children feel the same way. Feel that heart-stopping excitement of anticipation.

Many a time, I’ve heard from mothers how their child couldn’t sleep the night before their party because James the Magician was coming to entertain them and their friends.

Recently, a mother emailed me and wrote “When I tucked my daughter, Alice, up in bed last night, she turned to me and said ‘Mummy, that was the BEST day I have ever had in my life!’”

Let’s create that same special feeling for your child.

Here are some other reasons why you should book me to entertain your children:-

  • I am a friendly, experienced children’s magical entertainer who actually likes children!!
  • I am an adaptable performer who solves problems before, during and if necessary after your big day – often before they arise – I even carry matches!
  • I bring everything I need so you don’t have to provide anything for the entertainment at your party
  • I travel anywhere within a wide local area so you’re probably not too far away to enjoy the fun – all at a competitive local fee too.
  • I have all the necessary up to date insurances and certificates.
  • I think it is important to own a fully serviced, maintained and tested vehicle so no last minute hitches on the day.
  • I make sure all my equipment is up to date and fully tested, so nothing spoils the fun
  • I have satellite navigation in my car which means that I can always find you with ease.

In other words, I offer you TOTAL RELIABILITY and SAFETY as well as a barrel load of fun!!

plus… My Proven Entertainment Ability…

  • A Member of the prestigious Magic Circle – of course.
  • A Member of The Inner Magic Circle with Gold Star – awarded by the President to the 300 most prestigious performers in the world.
  • A Member of the International Brotherhood of Magicians.
  • A Member of the Surrey Society of Magicians.
  • A Surrey Magic Champion – TWICE!

“How you keep 30 three year olds fully absorbed and entertained for two hours defeats me. You’re brilliant!” Grandma Knowles, Croydon

James the Magician | Awesome Childrens Parties

“Memory is a child walking along a seashore.  You never can tell what small pebble it will pick up and store away among its treasured things.”

“A life-long blessing for children is to fill them with warm memories of times together. Happy memories become treasures in the heart to pull out on the tough days of adulthood.”

We have a number of packages to choose from starting from as little as £140 so one is bound to right for you, so simply pick up the phone right NOW and tell me how I can best help you. Of course there is absolutely no obligation whatsoever.

BTW, I can also supply a face painter, Father Christmas and other additional party fun bits – just ask for details.

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