Fun For Older Children

All games, competitions and the magic itself is designed for the age group of your child and your older children don’t have to be left out as I can entertain them as well.

James the Magician's Plate Spinning Competitions Are Fun

Plate-spinning and Harry Potter quizzes are some of the challenges on offer and James the Magician‘s Young Person’s Mystery Show offers more grown up magic, often performed right under their noses, to test their growing incredulity.

Of course, I also offer Harry Potter Parties and my Derren Brown-style Mind Reading Show is very popular with ten year olds and above.

Finally, I can offer a Mini Disco with flashing lights and a bubble machine for the ‘divas’ in your family.

James the Magician's Fun Mini Discos

These fun events can take place anywhere from a palace to a shack, but usually occur in a local hall or your own living room.

We have a number of packages to choose from starting from as little as £140 so one is bound to right for you, so simply pick up the phone right NOW and tell me how I can best help you. Of course there is absolutely no obligation whatsoever.

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