Party Bags

(Please note that if you choose “The Complete Stress-Free Fun Party” up to 20 party bags are included free).

Supplying a nice party bag for every child at the end of a party is another nightmare you’d rather not have. Buying the bags and all the contents is a hassle and can build up to a tidy sum!

James’s party bags are great value for money, are made to enable you to add items of your own including a slice of birthday cake and include only the very best in quality items. Indeed, we’ve refined the contents of our Party Bags over the years by watching which items children play with as they are leaving the parties.

James’s party bags include a selection from:-

  • James the Magician’s colourful brochure
  • Power Prop Glider
  • Hand Clapper
  • Magic Wand
  • Farmyard Friends Stickers
  • Maze Puzzle
  • Hi Bounce Jet Ball
  • Magic Drawing Slates
  • Sparkly Note Book
  • Sparkly Pencil
Obviously, when you order our party bags. you only pay for what you use.  So if you’ve invited 30 children to the party and only 20 turn up, you only pay for 20 party bags, howeven many you’ve actually ordered.

Only £3 per bag