What They Say

I am lucky enough (and very grateful) to have received a small mountain of thank you notes, letters and emails over the years… here is a small selection, but I have literally thousands of others all preserved to show my grand-children when the time comes…
Soon I hope you will be in a position to write a similar one – but obviously there is no obligation…

“Just a quick note to thank you for your sterling work at Holly’s party last Saturday. The children were completely entranced for an hour, and us grownups loved your witty asides! You were the talk of the playground last week (and the pub at the weekend)… Once again, many thanks and best wishes” Andy Foster, West Norwood

“That was the best party Nicola has ever had! You handled special needs children beautifully.” Lynn Bodsworth

“As soon as you arrived we knew you were going to make our 6 year old’s birthday very special. Her “Uncle James” entertained her and her little friends superbly as the ensuing noise proved. What magic fun!” Carolyn Jones, Bickley

“How you keep 30 three year olds fully absorbed and entertained for two hours defeats me. You’re brilliant!” Grandma Knowles, Croydon

“Thank you so much for your funny but very clever Older Children’s Mystery Show. I know what a nightmare this age (9 year olds) can be but you had them in the palm of your hand throughout.” Dorie Grason, Kingston

“Professor Fumbles’s Harry Potter parties are to be highly recommended. My wizards were all delighted.” Mavis Cutler, Guildford

“We’ve booked you on a number of occasions now and you’re always fresh and new.” Martin Howard, Beckenham

“That was the BEST day I have ever had in my life!” Alice, 6

“I don’t want Uncle James to go!” Heather, 6